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Standard Package $159
Our K1 fiancée or K3 spousal visa standard package is $159, if you need basic assistance and want to make sure your USCIS petitions are correct, this package is for you. Rather than do everything alone this package will minimize any problems before they begin. If you are confident you won't need the full service package than this in the one for you.

Full Service Package $525
If you choose the full service package the fee is $525. This is for a K1 fiancée visa or K3 spousal visa. With this package we prepare all the necessary forms, financial support affidavit prepared, guidance for medical exam, prepare your fiancée or your spouse for the interview and offer full support, we help you through out the process until he/she is here in the U.S. on his/her K1 fiancée visa or K3 spousal visa. Free telephone support and emails are returned promptly, we will be there for you. This package helps you relax and not worry, we will do all the work required and you are guaranteed to receive a full refund if not approved.

For any children involved for a K1 fiancée visa or K3 spousal visa there is an additional fee of $250.

Adjustment of Status (Green Card) Package $350
Once your married its time to become a permanent resident. You will receive an employment permit, social security card, driver's license and travel permit. In order to receive these privileges you must file for adjustment of status immediately after marriage. When you purchase the adjustment of status package, we will do all the paperwork and make sure that you are issued your Green Card as quickly as possible. Our fee for the adjustment of status package is $350 for current clients $800 for non-clients.

Citizenship, Removal of Conditions, Tourist Visas
(We do these services, call our office for prices.)
As a client of ours you will get more and pay less. Call us anytime to discuss how to get your case started (866) 750-9020 or email:

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Client Testimonial

Dear Cynthia,

You helped us every step of the way. All your advice was accurate and helpful, and your service always prompt and courteous. All documents your firm prepared were accepted by the US consulate immediately.

As an attorney, I always appreciate professional skill and I think your reasonable prices and expertise are the best in this field.

Best regards,

David C.
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Fiancee Visa Requirements
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K1 Visa Requirements:
You are a U.S. citizen and you have met your fiancée (not on skype or web camera) in person with in two years.
You and your fiancée both have a sincere intent to marry each other with in 90 days of your fiancée's arrival in the U.S.
You can meet the minimum income requirement for the K1 Fiancée Visa.
PLEASE CALL: toll free number 1.866.750.9020 or email us
We are specialists in the processing of the following immigration visas:
K1 Fiancee Visa
K3 Spousal Visa
K2, K4 Children Visa

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